5 Underdog NBA Teams next season

Everyone loves a good underdog. Underdog teams can come in all shapes and sizes. It can go from the younger team who are counted out, to the overrated perennial contenders - and everything in between. Next year the consensus favourites have been laid out. But what about those who aren't getting as much shine? Let's... Continue Reading →

The 8 worst NBA contracts next season

We're fresh off a tantalizing free agency period. All in all, while big moves were made, teams were more sensible with their cap room, and their were significantly less terrible contracts than other years. However a lot of previous deals have not aged well at all. Some are downright awful. Get your bucket folks, because... Continue Reading →

Ranking the 7 best young NBA duos

PK brought up an interesting tid-bit on this week's podcast. We ranked the current best NBA duos. Kawhi & PG, LeBron & AD etc. It got me thinking, who are the best younger duos in the NBA currently? Are there any sleepers out there not getting enough shine? Have some rookies already brought their team... Continue Reading →

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