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The Atlantic Sports Press is a blog covering american sports from an Irish perspective.

In early 2018, Jonathan Byrne set up the Atlantic Sports Press as a blog, writing about the sports of MMA and NBA. Jonathan has written for the Fighter Lifestyle in the past and covered MMA for Belfield FM, UCD’s Student Radio Station. He is currently working with AA Roadwatch broadcasting on Today FM and RTE Lyric FM.

Barry Walsh is a long-time college radio veteran who has also covered MMA for Belfield FM in UCD. Barry has also featured on Clothesline County FM, a professional wrestling podcast, for two years. Barry is an avid fan of MMA and professional wrestling, in particular the Japanese circuit.

Dermot Dolan has been a long time contributor to Belfield FM in UCD. Dermot presented his own American sports show during his tenure on college radio. Dermot is a fan of the NFL, the NBA and MMA. He has played rugby for UCD and currently is planning on moving to Milwaukee next year.

Cathal Keane is a long-time co-host of the NFL Talk Podcast, Ireland’s #1 show covering the sport in Ireland. He also has his own personal blog, cleanroutes.com. Cathal spent the past year at the University of Miami and has played football for the Dublin Rebels for the past few years. He has also featured on the Irish national under 20 football team.

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