Barry’s picks: Rating Conor McGregor’s next possible opponents

We’re almost two weeks removed from UFC 246, a night that saw the highly anticipated return of Conor McGregor to mixed martial arts competition.

On Episode 52 of the podcast – Barry made his ratings on a list of the names linked with McGregor’s next bout.

He ranked them out of 5 in terms of excitement level – and of how realistic it would be. Let’s see how he rated them.

Justin Gaethje 


Excitement level – ★★★★

Is it going to happen level – ★★★

“For Conor it’s high risk, very low reward. The hype train, the wave that Conor is riding at the moment – Justin Gaethje could derail that. It’s a fight if he takes – he has very very little to gain.”

Khabib Nurmagomedov 


Excitement level – ★

Is it going to happen level – ★★

“Not yet. I think Conor even said it. He’s not at the level he wants to be at not, just yet. I think he’s alluding to the Khabib fight. But stranger things have happened.”

Paul Felder 


Excitement level – ★

Is it going to happen level – ★

“Paul Felder is tough as nails. But, let’s be honest, he’s a gatekeeper at the best of times. He’d give anyone a tough fight but I think Conor would make mince meat of him to be honest. If it was a main event of a pay-per-view and I was in the states with my ESPN+ account having to pay 60 dollars or if I was a proper MMA fan, I wouldn’t want to see this fight at all.”

Floyd Mayweather 


Excitement level – ★

Is it going to happen level – ★★

“We’ve seen it already. I don’t think it’s going to go much differently than the way it went. I think calling that fight an exhibition is being very very generous. I though it was a light spar for both guys that managed to make them oodles of money. I have no interest in seeing this. Some sort of freakshow thing like Ali and Inoki – absolute bollox.”

Manny Pacquaio 


Excitement level – negative ★★★

Is it going to happen level – N/A

“Don’t want to see this. Get that away from me. No thanks. No thanks. No. No.”

Kamaru Usman 


Excitement level – ★★★★

Is it going to happen level – ★★

“I think it’s an interesting matchup considering from what I gather from reddit forums and from twitter and stuff – people have really turned around on Kamaru Usman. He was known as this incredible wrestler with no personality and a very very boring style. In my opinion, he had one of the best fights of all-time. To me that’s going to to be an absolute war. I would love to see that. The ‘m’ word merit doesn’t really fall into Conor McGregor’s vocabulary – it’s a 4 with an asterisk if he gets it on merit.”

Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson 


Excitement level – 0★

Is it going to happen level – 0★

“Are you serious?”

Jorge Masvidal 

960x0 (1).jpg

Excitement level – ★★★★★

Is it going to happen level – ★★★★★

“Masvidal is definitely going to happen next. BMF title. The Notorious Bad Motherfucker title. I can see it written in the stars. The similarity you can kind of go back to baseball with Babe Ruth. Babe Ruth was kept on the team well past his prime but he was the special attraction. Conor is not past it, but he’s their special attraction. Keeping him away from the belt is probably beneficial to the UFC in terms of longevity and drawing power.”

There you have it. They were Barry’s picks for Conor’s next opponent. Agree/disagree? Let us know on our Instagram (@atlanticsportsie) or over on Facebook.  

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