Madden 20 ratings: the biggest winners and losers

This week Madden released their player ratings for the upcoming Madden 20 game. Always with controversy, players voiced their opinions on the new ratings with some even calling a flat-out boycott of the game (We’re looking at you DeMarcus Lawrence).

We had a look at this year’s ratings compared to last year – and came up with some of the big movers and also, the fall guys.

The Big Movers 

Colts Texans Football, Houston, USA - 09 Dec 2018

The one that stands out is cover athlete Patrick Mahomes. Sports games are known to be a little bias towards their cover star, but very few will be quick to call out Mahomes surge in rating. The Chiefs QB has gone from a 94 to a 97 in the new game, off the back of a breakout season that saw them narrowly beaten by the Patriots in the AFC.

As Cathal pointed out on the podcast gone by – Madden are showing some love to the best receiver in the game – DeAndre Hopkins. The Texans WR has joined the 99 club in this game, solidifying himself as one of the best players in the league.

Another big mover, and unsurprisingly to most, was Saquon Barkley. The second year RB out of New York was a unanimous ROTY looking like he’d been in the league for 5 years. He went from 88 to a 91. Madden also showed love to Ravens DT Michael Pierce. He also joined the 90 club, going from an 89 to a 92. Likely due to the Ravens defense having a big year, and Pierce playing an integral part of it.

The Fall Guys 


After an intense study session of this year and last year’s ratings – there are far more fall guys than big movers this year. It makes sense for Madden as it allows more mid-season changes. Some standouts include Bears QB Mitchell Trubisky, who goes down from a 79 to a 75. Trubisky had a good year, but needs another year to prove he’s franchise QB level.

Staying with the quarterbacks – a demotion for Matt Stafford caught my eye – going from an 83 to a 79. Seems a little unfair on the Lions franchiser, but statistically he did drop off a bit last year compared to the last 3 to 4. Jameis Winston was also the victim of a ratings drop – going from an 80 to a 76, likely as his ice thins as the man in Tampa Bay.

Looking elsewhere, Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey took a hit from 94 to 91. At just 23, there’s no doubting he can build that back up, but avoiding the sophomore slump should have been enough for McCaffrey to maintain a mid 90 score. Unsurprisingly, Joey Bosa went down from 91 to 88. Injury issues continued in 2018/2019 for Bosa, playing his first game in Week 11.

Packers K Mason Crosby was remembered for his Week 5 1-5 nightmare with a 4 point drop from 78 to 74. Crosby rebounded back from it the week after going 7-7 from kicks, but Madden were napping. Vikings DE Danielle Hunter was rewarded for his best statistical season to date with a 3 point loss from 89 to 86, while the same criteria applied to teammate OLB Anthony Barr, with the pro-bowler dropping from 85 to 82.

The elite of the elite 


13 players share a 99 awareneess level, but the only 80 members club appearance comes from Bills veteran RB Frank Gore. A win for him. Madden reckons Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill is the fastest player in the league with 99 speed and acceleration stats. Rams DT Aaron Donald sits on his own as the strongest player in the game with a 99 strength rating.

Bills QB Josh Allen is another standout, holding the crown of the ‘biggest arm’ with a 99 rating. Tom Brady and Eli Manning are among 4 players with the lowest chance of getting injured, which defies the law of age. Lastly DeAndre Hopkins can jump the highest, or at least the most accurately according to the game.

The potatoes 


There aren’t any tiers for the potatoes. You’re either a potato, or not a potato. Blake Bortles joined the potato club in his new life as a backup QB going from 76 to 69, a sharp sharp decline. It looks like Madden view Giants rookie QB Daniel Jones in a similar light – pitting him at 63 with obvious high hopes for his first season.

There are many players in the 60s or lower, but some stats don’t reflect too kindly on some of the players. Ravens OT Orlando Brown Jr was rewarded for his ‘historically low’ 40-yard dash in the combine as being the slowest player in the game, with a 50 speed rating. Most of the weakest players in the game are kickers or punters, which is fair enough. But Chargers WR Travis Benjamin is weaker than some special teams players, according to Madden.

Giants WR Alonzo Russell is the most distracted player on the field according to Madden, with a 61 awareness rating. Finally, Rams OLB Trevon Young is the most likely to get injured, with a 66 injury rating. So if you’re looking for OLB cover that will stay healthy, well, you might want to look elsewhere.

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