About the Blog

The Atlantic Sports Press is a blog by Jonathan Byrne dedicated to covering the sport of Mixed Martial Arts and the NBA.

Jonathan is a 22-year-old Law Student living in Dublin, Ireland. His fondness for writing started at an early age, with English being his favourite class in school. Jonathan loved short story writing in English class especially. He acted as head of the school newspaper in secondary school at the age of 16, which was his first official venture in to the world of journalism, albeit a minor one.

As Jonathan went to college, he became heavily involved with Belfield FM, the University Radio Station, and UCDTV – a Video Production society. Jonathan was elected as Station Manager of both Belfield FM and UCDTV between 2015-2018. He was nominated for a National Student Media Award in Ireland for his work with Belfield FM. A year-later, he received another nomination for his radio show ‘Good Morning Belfield’ – in the News & Current Affairs category.  In his tenure as Station Manager with both societies, Jonathan achieved the societies’ highest listenership and viewership numbers to date.

Jonathan’s love for Mixed-Martial-Arts began in 2013. Watching Ireland’s premier late-night talk show, ‘The Late Late Show’, he became enthralled with the character and presence of Conor McGregor. A keen pro-wrestling fan from a young age, he began following the UFC in lieu of Conor’s UFC debut. He would like to have it known that he is not a ‘Conor McGregor fanboy’ and does not surround himself with such. One of his friends favourite fighters is Vitor Miranda. Jonathan began writing for The Fighter Lifestyle, an MMA blog, in 2016. He left his position of editor late in to the year.

Jonathan began watching the NBA after the summer of 2016 having traveled to the United States for the first time. Keen to learn more about American Sports, he began to follow the sports of American Football, Baseball and Basketball. The NBA became the one sport that stuck, and ever since he has been an avid fan. He is a fan of the Boston Celtics, naturally being from Ireland. He would like to have it known that he does not let this impede his journalistic integrity surrounding the NBA.

Jonathan is currently building a portfolio of MMA and NBA related articles. He also enjoys writing in third-person.

If you wish to contact Jonathan, you can do so by e-mailing atlanticsportspress@gmail.com. He’d only be delighted. 

Photo credit – averagenobodies.com

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